“What’s that? You want to know my thoughts on Brandobia? Why, I’m glad you asked – I consider myself something of an expert on that region. You see, the four kingdoms we know of today – Cosdol, Eldor, Mendarn and Pel Brolenon – were once part of an ancient empire that predated even the mighty Kalamaran Empire. Though they lacked the Kalamarans’ expansionist attitude, the Brandobians were able to stop Fulakar’s expansion to the west and made peace with the Kalamarans.

However, the arrogant Brandobians refused to acknowledge the assistance they received from the humanoids of the region, and war eventually broke out between the elves and Brandobians. The truce has been on the edge of being broken since the day it was signed. Then, a few years later, the nation erupted into civil war, as the sons of the King vied for control. When the dust settled, the empire was split into four counties, with the brothers ruling over three nations and refugees from the war ruling over Pel Brolenon. The elves kept hold of the biggest forest, of course.

Nowadays, the Eldorans usually don’t even speak to those they consider the lesser races – everyone else. The Eldorans take their arrogance so far that the majority of them refuse to speak Merchant’s Tongue even if they know it. Mendarn is somewhat more tolerant of non-Brandobians, but not by much. Cosdol, on the other hand, is very tolerant when it comes to the non-Brandobian, so much so that the capital city Cosolen is called the Capital of the Fey.

Pel Brolenon, now, you take my advice and stay away from there. This place used to be a utopia, but now it’s just the slave capital of the world. The clerics of the Overlord rule this place with an iron fist, and it’s nowhere I’d want to be caught dead or alive."


The Kingdom of Cosdol
The Kingdom of Eldor
Lathlanian, City of the Wood
Kingdom of Mendarn
Theocracy of Pel Brolenon


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