Emosvom, Doorway to the Past

“A small city with lazy rivers providing most of the travel. As there is little reason for anyone to travel here, Emosvom is virtually independent. Its only claim to fame is its large prison, and use as a staging ground for expeditions into the Vohven Jungle.”

Population: ~8000
At a Glance: Instead of building bridges across the wide Izhoven, the people rely on barges and ferries. Boats in the sluggish river hardly require mooring, and travel across its brown waters is commonplace and uneventful.

The city reeks of garlic, and the pungent herb makes its way into nearly every item of food. The Emosvomi attribute to the garlic everything from strong nails and teeth to longevity to magical potency.

Government: Ruled by Duke Inawhil

Major Temples:
The Conventicle of the Great Tree
Located in a thick grove of trees a few miles east of the city

Minor Temples:
The Home Foundation
Assembly of the Four Corners
Theater of the Arts
Church of Everlasting Hope


Riverside District
- The taverns, wharehouses and other buildings situated around the Izhoven River are considered the Riverside District.
- The Hanging Vine Inn can be found in the Riverside District

Merchant’s Quarter
- The Merchant’s Quarter is found in the very center of Emosvom, situated around the Town Square where rows of stalls are set up trading every conceivable good. Almost all the buildings in the Merchant’s Quarter are commercial in nature.
- The Jade Lion Trading Company’s Headquarters is located in the Merchant’s Quarter
- The National Bank of Svimohzia, a banking chain found in major cities across Svimohzia, can be found here as well.

- The Coffin, Emosvom’s prison, is located in the heart of Prisonside
- Prisonside is considered the safest part of town despite its prison, due to the high concentration of guardsmen in the area.

- This district is where the nobles and upper class members live.
- At the center of Treetops is Duke Inawhil’s Mansion.
- The Golden Eel Inn is located in Treetops
- The Halls of Knowledge is also located in Treetops
- The Bank of Emosvom is an exclusive bank used by the Emosvomian nobles to protect their assets.

Old Emosvom
- Considered the poor district of Emosvom.
- The Black Boot is located in Old Emosvom
- The People’s Bank is also located in Old Emosvom

Temple Street
- The religious district of Emosvom. It is one long street on which four temples are built. Over the years, the area surrounding this street has colloquially become known as part of Temple Street.
- The Theater of the Arts has a small theater here where they host free shows weekly.
- The Church of Everlasting Hope runs a hospital/medical bay where travelers can receive healing and professional first-aid in exchange for a small donation.
- The Home Foundation and the Assembly of the Four Corners can also be found in this area.
- The Emosvom Public Library is located on Temple Street.

- Middle Class District. Lots of residential buildings and few smaller businesses can be found here
- Ahnzom’s Stables can be found in the Commons

Emosvom, Doorway to the Past

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