The majority of people on Tellene are polytheistic; that is, they believe in more than one god. A person may or may not worship multiple deities, but she will most certainly acknowledge their existence. Tellene is home to magic, both divine and arcane, and a large pantheon of gods whose clerics, if not themselves, are constantly involved in the affairs of Tellene. Wizards and sorcerers are not overly common and common people accept most unusual and seemingly inexplicable events as the work of one of the gods rather than arcane magic. In smaller communities, the townsfolk easily confuse wizards and especially sorcerers with clerics, and arcane spells may be misconstrued as miracles or the portents of the gods. This can work to a spellcaster’s weal or woe depending on which god the commoners believe sent the miracle

Churches of Tellene
Lawful Good

Halls of the Valiant
The Home Foundation
The Hall of Oaths
The Courts of Justice
The Assembly of Light

Neutral Good

The Church of Life’s Fire
House of Solace
Parish of Love
Church of Everlasting Hope
Temple of Stars

Chaotic Good

The Face of the Free
Theater of the Arts
Church of the Night’s Beauty
Temple of the Patient Arrow
Church of the Silver Mist

Lawful Neutral

The Founder’s Creation
The Fraternal Order of Aptitude
Temple of the Three Strengths
Temple of Armed Conflict
The Order of Thought

True Neutral

Assembly of the Four Corners
Temple of Enchantment
Conventicle of the Great Tree
Parish of the Prolific Coin
The Inevitable Order of Time

Chaotic Neutral

The Way of the Berserk
The Watchers
The Thunderer’s Temple
Church of Chance
The Order of the Passionate One

Lawful Evil

The Courts of Inequity
The House of Shackles
Church of Endless Night
Order of Agony

Neutral Evil

The Congregation of the Dead
The House of Hunger
House of Scorn
House of Knives

Chaotic Evil

The Conventicle of Affliction
The Imposters
Temple of Sleepless Nights
Temple of Strife
House of Vice


Adventures on Tellene - Tales from Svimohzia Razzputin