Renaaria Bay

“Reanaaria Bay is a large region, with diverse peoples living along the coastline. Each city is literally a state unto its’ own, and run as its inhabitants see fit. It makes for an incredible place, as each city is so different from the rest, and little more than a day’s travel from the others. The cities are often isolated, with water on one side and mountains on the other, making it hard for them to expand. This, combined with the poor land-based resources in this area, restricts the population and the growth of their city-states. Most people here, however, live comfortably from the fish in the sea, or from the trade with other city-states.

Merchants regularly trade for the riches that come down from the mountains, as well as the plentiful foods that come from the sea, and in a few places, the interesting or rare items that are retrieved from the forests. This traffic supplies the entire bay with fresh supplies that are not easily found elsewhere. This trade is also a main source of another major trade here; shipbuilding. Without the major trading cargo ships, many of shipbuilding yards would quickly go out of business. This trade has also fostered good relations among the many races, and racial prejudice is much rarer here than in other lands. Yes, the Bay is a fine place to live."

Independent City-States

City-State of Dynaj
City-State of Geanavue
Giilia, City of Bats
Thygasha, City of Dreams

Renaaria Bay

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