Population: ~1085

At a Glance: The first thing one notices on entering Shapshan is the smell of smoke permeating the air. The next thing one notices is the people. The streets are lined with beggars, many of whom are missing limbs or are otherwise crippled. However, even the people who walk the streets of Shapshan have haggard, fearful looks on their faces. They avoid strangers like the plague, hurrying away as quickly as they can.

Government: Ruled by Baron Whoshoeh

Important Sites:
Whoshoeh Burial Mount – About a day north of the town is a burial mound. Members of House Whoshoeh are buried here.
Whoshoeh’s Camp – About a day south of the city is Whoshoeh’s camp, a sprawling mass of tents and campfires just within the boundry of the Vohven Jungle.
The Wily Cougar – A sizeable inn run by a one-eyed man named Garette.


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