“To the traveler, Svimohzia harbors more dangers than worth, but it is an exotic and historical place. It is the home of ancient civilizations untouched by the hands of time, and the oldest human empires on Tellene. It houses religious sects that are found nowhere else in the world, unique tribal societies, and peoples that have seen the rise and fall of entire civilizations. It also holds a beautiful wilderness at its heart — a beautiful, dangerous wilderness with the nature of a jungle beast.

There are a variety of reasons for travelers to come here – they might be looking to strike it rich, they might be looking for a quiet, tropical paradise, or they might seek to profit from the civil wars. You see, the lands of Svimohzia are varied and diverse, ranging from dense jungle to open plains to ancient, luxurious cities, and the nations are not always on the best of terms."


Confederacy of Ahznomahn
Kingdom of Meznamish
Kingdom of Ozhvinmish
Kingdom of Ul-Karg
Kingdom of Zazahni

Independent Cities

Free City of Bronish
Colony of Vrandol

Topography of Svimohzia

Vohven Jungle


Adventures on Tellene - Tales from Svimohzia Razzputin