The Calendar of Tellene

Merchant’s Tongue Names for Months of the Year

1. Renewal
2. Sowing
3. Mustering
4. Declarations
5. Mid-Season Harvest
6. Replanting
7. Siege-Hold
8. Arid
9. Reaping
10. Harvest
11. Frosting
12. Snowfall
13. Famine

Merchant’s Tongue Names for Days of the Week

1. Diaday
2. Pelsday
3. Katarday
4. Fireday
5. Homeday
6. Godday
7. Veshday

The year on Tellene is 364 days long and consists of thirteen 28-day months, each of which has four 7-day weeks. This calendar, which is still used throughout the realms, was first developed by the ancient Svimohz. As mentioned, the calendar is based upon Veshemo’s 28-day orbit. The new year begins on the first day of spring, the first of Renewal, and runs through the 28th day of Famine

The Calendar of Tellene

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