The Wild Lands

“This area has the harshest climate in Tellene, I think. That being said, it can still be quite comfortable here. The harsh climate is really only felt during the winter months, when it snows – sometimes quite heavily.

This land is the home of some of the strongest people in Tellene, the Fhokki. Their culture is somewhat primitive, but they are a hearty people. They welcome others to join them in their celebration of life. They have celebrations for every stage in their lives, every major event, every passing season. They are a very ‘alive’, if you know what I mean, and the land they live in suits them. They share this land with the Dejy people, who are even more primitive. Dejy are more interested in traditions than with power or curiosity, which makes them a quiet people. In fact, you don’t see much of them, unless you are actively looking for them."


The Principality of Paru’Bor
The Kingdom of Shynabyth
Draska, The Hidden City
The Lands of Skarrna
Theocracy of Slen
The Queendom of Tharggy
Kingdom of Thybaj
Lands of Torakk

Independent Cities

City-State of Daruk
Fymar, Gateway to the East
Narr-Rytarr, Lost City of the North

The Wild Lands

Adventures on Tellene - Tales from Svimohzia Razzputin